This is a work-in-progress as we continue to build and enhance our website.
Property owners are invited to submit suggestions for improvement, i.e.,
additions/deletions/changes/corrections.  Please contact the Website
Administrator in MEMBER "Board of Directors/Officers" link.
Edenton Bay Plantation Home Owners
Association, Inc. (EBPHOA)
Post Office Box 1
Edenton, NC  27932

Annual Meeting
The  2022 Annual Membership Meeting was held on November 5, 2022 at Access Point Church, 518 Coke Ave. Edenton NC.
Key Points
Several property owners were in attendance.
The proposed 2023 budget was ratified; 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes were approved.
All the property owners who have volunteered to help with a variety of committees and/or projects were thanked. 
The 2023 Annual Membership Meeting will be
scheduled for the first Saturday in November.
EBPHOA History:
By way of background and information particularly for new property owners:
EBPHOA, Inc. was established at the turnover meeting on February 24, 2001.  EBPHOA is a non profit corporation (501) (c) (4), as identified and established by the Articles of Incorporation filed with the Secretary of  State of North Carolina, on March 29, 2000.  EBPHOA, Inc. is subject to federal and state income tax (interest earned).  Amended Bylaws filed June 2018; Original Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions recorded at Register of Deeds November 23, 1999; Amended CC&Rs filed May 2019.  Mallard Cove properties (20 lots) subject to Amendment of Supplemental & Amended Declaration Containing CC&Rs to EBP filed June 2020.   Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Architectural Code, last amendment January 2016, sets forth policies and procedures pertinent to CC&Rs Article Seven.
EBPHOA is a Planned Unit Development (PUD).  It is governed by NC Planned Community Act (47-F); and, NC Non Profit Corporation Act (55A) which supersede all EBPHOA documents.
EBPHOA has been property-owner managed since its inception.  The Annual Dues have been kept low due to the diligence of the Boards of Directors who have served with a spirit of community, fiscally conservative mindful of the need for timely capital improvements on a cost effective/efficient basis.  There have been countless volunteers who have contributed their time, talent and treasures to the community over the years.  
Additional Policy guidelines pursuant to our CC&Rs are a work-in-progress as well as SOPs and correspondence templates and samples.
Several tutorials will be available at the 
Annual Meeting.
Your suggestions/ideas are most welcomed.

Annual Dues
There is no increase in 2023 Annual Dues.
Annual dues per lot - $500. 
Invoices for 2023 Annual Dues will be  mailed in February.   Payment due in full by
April 30, 2023.
Please advise if you have changed your mailing address.

Member Access Registration
Instructions for MEMBERS Access Registration: 
Click on "Register" in upper right corner on Home Page.
Message will be sent to Administrator requesting approval.
After Administrator approves, you will be notified by email.

Board of Directors, Officers, Committees
Board of Directors, Officers and Committees, as of June, 2022, are detailed at link
Board of Directors, Officers, and Committees in MEMBERS only portal.

New Property Owners/Have You Moved?
New Property Owners are requested to provide:
name(s) and contact information:  Mailing
address, email address and telephone numbers
(landline and/or work, if applicable, as well as cell phone numbers.
ALL PROPERTY OWNERS ARE REMINDED TO ADVISE if you have changed your contact information (mailing address, email, and telephone numbers.
Our website:  EBPHOA.com "Contact Us" link, or email:
CC:  michele.lewis@mac.com

Gate Access
Property owners: 
Please visit Gate Access link under MEMBER for gate access options.
Visitors and service providers: 
On the gate pad, scroll down to locate resident you are visiting.  Highlight the name and press "Call" button.  
Please allow the gate to fully open before entering/exiting.  Otherwise, it is possible for sensors to jam the gate potentially incurring unnecessary repair expenses.

Special Announcements
Edenton Bay Plantation Lot and Home Owners:

For clarification, The Edenton Bay Plantation HOA and it's members DO NOT have a presence or an official page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social media site.    
Any questions, comments, or questions can be sent directly to any board member and they will address your needs.  My personal contat information is Michele.lewis@mac.com and my phone number is 571-326-8307.
2022 Annual Meeting key points:
Road reflectors requested by a resident at the 2020 Annual Meeting were temporarily placed at various areas by President Michele Lewis at no cost to the HOA.  Neighbors attending 2022 Annual Meeting indicated how much the reflectors helped with navigating our roadways, particularly in the dark.
Michele and George Lewis added to the reflectors and secured permanently.  
Repairs/replacement of HOA's 100-foot bulkhead and Community dock/pier have been completed.  Stairs were upgraded using materials now engineered which were not yet available 20 years ago.
New Gate Telephone Entry System was considered at Board meeting on September 24, 2021.  Estimated cost: $6,000  7,000, debited to Reserve Fund as
capital improvement. 
Annual Dues have not been increased since 2009.  By way of background, turnover by developer Timberline, LLC, February 24, 2001, thereby establishing EBPHOA, Inc.
EBPHOA Annual Dues initially $400;
increased $50 in 2006, and $50 in 2009 for current $500. Due to increased routine operational expenses as well as road improvements in 2008 and 2016, totalling $47,000, plus ongoing maintenance and capital improvements to bulkhead/pier, gate, ponds, fencing, insurance, the Board is challenged to consider the need for annual assessment increase.  The Construction Fee is
$2,000 as of JULY 2022, collected at the time new construction is finalized/approved.  This fee is deposited into the Reserve Fund toward road maintenance/repair costs.
Newsletter (July) emailed to property owners as well as posting to the website (ebphoa.com) MEMBERS link: Newsletters.
EBPHOA.com continually updated as necessary-- KEY POINTS  ON  HOME PAGE

Message Board
                  SAFETY FIRST                                 
Please drive carefully and observe the stop and speed limit signs throughout the community.  There have been several close calls, particularly at the curves and at the intersection of Bay Point Drive and Lake Wood Drive. There are several young children, pets, and others jogging, walking, riding a bicycle, etc., throughout the community. 
Please be aware of our deer population throughout the community, particularly crossing the road near the farmland areas.  Please protect your pets at night.  There have been pets injured in the past, apparently victims of unknown wildlife (coyotes, bobcats and nutria have been seen in the neighborhood).  
While we know the snake population can be threatening, please understand the 
Black Snake is our friend.  Unless you prefer rodents and the like residing on your property, please DO NOT KILL our BLACK SNAKES.  THEY ARE NOT VENOMOUS.  THEY ARE NOT CONFRONTATIONAL.  PLEASE LET THEM MOVE ALONG AT THEIR OWN PACE.  SAME WITH OUR TURTLE POPULATION.

Upcoming Edenton Events
www.visitedenton.com (details of events listed by month)
After a long hot sultry summer, Edenton is on the move again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday Farmers Market (8 AM-12 Noon)
Wednesday Farmers Market (3 PM - 6 PM)
N. Broad Street / W. Gale Street.
Across from Historic St. Anne's Catholic Church
Welcome Center
Penelope Barker House, 505 S. Broad Street 
252 482-7800
Tour of Historic Homes (over 100 years old)