• chevron_rightAre there special assessments
    There are two private ponds.  Property owners abutting each pond are assessed for maintenance and utility
    costs.  These expenses are initially paid with HOA funds.  Special assessment is added to the annual assessment invoice as reimbursement to HOA.
    Lake Wood Private Pond - 13 lots:   46, 47, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, MC 11, MC 12, MC 13, MC 14, MC 15 
    Mallard Cove Private Pond - 9 lots:  51, 52, 53, 54, 55, MC 16, MC 17, MC 18, MC 19
  • chevron_rightWhat does the annual assessment cover
    The annual assessment pays for administrative costs; maintenance of the common grounds, entry gate,
    community pond, bulkhead and pier; liability insurance, annual contribution to Reserve Fund for repairs/
    replacement of capital assets (private roads, bulkhead/pier, gate and pond).
  • chevron_rightWhat is the annual assessment
    Currently, the annual assessment is $500 for the calendar year.  Invoices are sent to property owners on or before March 1, payments are due in full by April 30.
Community Description
  • chevron_rightHow many homes have been built
    Currently, there are 32 homes; one under construction and construction on another to begin in fall, 2020.  Three in the planning stages for 2021 construction.
  • chevron_rightIs this a retirement type community
    No, it is not a 55+ community.
    Residents represent all ages including couples with young children and retirees.
    Household pets are welcome. 
  • chevron_rightWhat are the amenities
    Community pond and pier/boat dock
    Fishing is permitted on a catch and release basis by property owners and guests.
    Boat dock accommodates maximum of two boats.  
  • chevron_rightWhat is the size of the community
    There are a total of 116 lots (112 building sites), ranging from approximately three-quarters of an acre to nearly three and one-half acres; and, 15-16 acres common ground.
    (29 waterfront lots) 
    (20  lots within the Mallard Cove subsection)
Construction and Landscaping
  • chevron_rightWhat are guidelines for construction and landscaping
    Article 7, AFFIRMATIVE ARCHITECTURAL AND LANDSCAPING CONDITIONS sets forth requirements for new construction,
    renovations and landscaping.  The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Code (last revised January 1, 2016) further defines guidelines.
    Article 8, RESTRICTIONS ON USE AND RIGHTS OF THE ASSOCIATION AND OWNERS provides additional guidance.
Construction Requirements
Maintenance Responsibilities
  • chevron_rightWhat are responsibilities of developed properties
    Residents must keep their homes tidy and grasses cut.
    No Recreational Vehicles (RVs, campers, etc) are permitted.
    Board notification is required for short term/temporary storage of a recreational vehicle 
    to accommodate visiting guests.
  • chevron_rightWhat are responsibilities of owners for undeveloped lots
    All lots are required to be mowed on a regular basis to keep grasses/weeds under 18 inches.  Property owners must contract with a local lawn care service or cut their own properties.
    All waterfront lot owners must promptly repair/replace broken boards on their individual bulkheads, and maintain a sufficient level of backfill.
Service Providers